German shepherd showed her true emotion after getting back her old owner


Dogs are the best friend of human and they don’t forget the known smell in their life. This is again proved by the German shepherd named Freya. One day suddenly she found herself being cared by a woman. She took very less time to get acquainted with the woman. As time passed, Freya turned to the loyal friend of the woman. She started caring for her new owner in the same way as the woman does care for her. Though it looked that Freya got accustomed to the woman and the new place but when a man appeared it says it all.

Dogs can identify persons through their smells. One day when the woman returned back home, she was not alone. There was a great surprise for Freya. As the woman opened the door, Freya seemed to be very anxious. She knew that today her new owner was not alone. Someone is their outside who came with her new caring owner.