Couple With Twins Gets Pregnant Again, But Doctor Shows Sonogram And Husband Instantly Faints

In 2014 August, a couple binds in marriage after having 10 years of relationship. Their son first son was named Shai, who was 3 years old when Nia, the mother got pregnant again with twins. Though the couple joked about having a large family but they were happy in having three kids. Nia gave birth to Alexander and Riley, the twins’ sons. The family was happy with the three sons. But there were bags full of surprises waiting for them. However, the family found out that Nia was again pregnant. In the ultrasound session, Nia came to know that she is carrying twins again as the nurse asked her whether multiples are common in the family or not. But surprises don't end up here as Nia heard that she is going to have triplet while she was going to the bathroom. Though on both sides of the couple family they had twins but they don’t expect a triplet.

However, a triplet is very rare cases and even rare if you had a twin just before. The couple found out that Nia is having hyperovulation, the state where ovulation exceeds from one egg at the same time. Her husband was informed about the three members of the family. Though Nia is grateful to have three more but at the same time, she is also thinking that bringing up the three can be challenging. As the couple had three sons prior so they were eager to know whether there will be any girl in the mix. However in the gender reveal party, the couple came to know that they are going to have three daughters this time. Thus Roberts sees is as balancing their family as they had three sons. However, he said that the boys go around their mother and now it is his turn to have his little posse.