Young Woman used makeup to covered her truth


There are some diseases that come with no cure option. Mariah Perkins is a young woman who is fighting against such a disease for years. Looking at her, you might find her beautiful with positive thoughts. However, for years she is fighting with a non-curable skin disease. While having an interview with TLC, Mariah explained that the skin disease she is suffering is known as vitiligo. In this disease, the skin loses its usual pigmentation. However, she went on stating that how the whole thing get started with a small spot. With time the disease spread. Mariah showed her arms and hands which were surfaced with light colored and pigment-less skin.

At a younger age, Mariah use make-up to cover up the lightening skin. But as she got to be older, it become harder to cover up the growing patches. However, she disclosed how she felled at this age. She said that in teenage it gets really harder to get fitted with the spots. She said that everyone does not accept people who look differently or abnormally. It was really hard for her to have such an appearance.

However she is now ready to share her true story with the world. In the video she showed up how she covered her faced with makeup and what has vitiligo done to her skin. She removes the makeup in the video to reveal her true self. We do applaud for her who showed up her courage to reveal her truth in front of the world.