Navy man gets back his daughter after 36 years

Often time, we thank God for the wonderful life he had showered on us and for the relatives and the friends that he has bestowed on us. But this man’s story was really different. William Woolery, a 57 years old man now, is very close to his four daughters. But he seems to miss his lost daughter. At the age of 21 years, William was posted in the Philippines with Navy. At that time William’s girlfriend gave birth to their baby and also put her for adoption. Though William got the news but never got the chance to met his daughter. All this year he was very keen on searching for his adopted daughter. But in no ways, he could make it a win.

Recently through DNA testing, William got to know the exact location of his daughter. She was named Natosha and is now 36 years of age. She was living in Texas which was just a short distance from William’s who lived in California. Though Natosha had never been up to looking for his biological father but she was ready to meet her father and other members of the family.

Natosha stated this feeling as surreal as she never expected to met up her father when she wasn’t even looking for him. For William, it was a wait of 36 years when he will get the moment to hug his daughter. Natosha was welcomed into the family wholeheartedly. All the members cried as they get back their 36 years daughter after a long wait. After 36-years of the wait, dad and daughter celebrate their Thanksgiving together for the first time.