Getting Rid of a Headache Within Five Minutes Without Pills

Getting Rid of a Headache Within Five Minutes Without Pills

When it comes to a headache, there is nothing worse than having to work through the pain when there are no pain pills to take. What do you do when you have nothing to take to get rid of the pain? Luckily there is a unique technique you can use to get rid of a headache within five minutes without the need for pills. This method is called acupressure, and all it takes is putting pressure on a few specific spots on your body to ease any pain and even stress. Here are the different points on your body to put the pressure on to alleviate pain.

Getting Started with Acupressure Massage

It is easy to get started with using acupressure. You need to be in a comfortable position where you can relax. Once you are in the best relaxing position you can be in, you can start placing pressure on the different areas of the body for different things you need to control. The massage only takes about 30 seconds to one minute, and after that, you are ready to start applying the pressure to the different points.

Once you start massaging the different points and applying the pressure, the headache goes typically away within five to ten minutes after rubbing and applying the pressure points to your body. There are six main points to apply the pressure to, to help get rid of a headache and they include the following.

Yintang Point


The Yintang Point is the area called the third eye, and you can find it in between the eyebrows. This area is where the nose goes into the forehead. Not only does massage and applying pressure to this point help get rid of a headache but it also can relieve eye fatigue.

Zan Zhu

Zan Zhu is two areas on the head that you can find at the inside edge of the eyebrows. You can use these points to apply massage and pressure to relieve not just a headache but also help stop your nose from running when you have a cold. Applying massage and pressure to these points can also help improve your vision. Massaging these two points for up to one minute with circular motions or apply pressure to them.


Ying Xiang


There are two points here as well that go together to relieve a headache and a few other things. You can find these two points by feeling the dimples on your cheekbones. You can find them on both sides of your nostrils that are in-line with your eyes. Applying pressure or massaging these two points can help get rid of a headache, ease the pain caused by a toothache, open up your sinuses, and even help ease stress.


Tian Zhu


You can find these two points by feeling the back of your head, at the first part of your spine between your ears. You can apply pressure or massage these points gently to relieve a severe headache or a migraine, pain in your eyes and your ears, and help with nasal congestion.

Shuai Gu


If you have a headache, you can apply pressure or gently massage the area that is two-three cm starting at the beginning of your hairline in your temple area. Not only does applying pressure or massaging this area gently help get rid of a headache but it also helps relieve eye fatigue. The type of a headache this point relieves is the head pain in the area where your temple is.

He Gu


He Gu is the last pressure point you can use to help relieve a headache or ease other things. This part is on your hand, on the back of it, in between your thumb and the forefinger. You can use this pressure point not just to help get rid of headaches, but also back pain, tension in the neck and your muscles, and can help relieve a toothache.

It is incredible that you can use pressure and massage on these six points of your body to help with a headache and other problems. Try applying pressure or massage to these areas today and see how well they relieve your pain without even reaching for the pain pills.

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