When you see a child sitting in the road while driving, keep your door locked, warns police

The criminals of today would use some of the dirtiest tricks in the game in order to manipulate the victims. Recently, a 33 year old woman from Beaufort in North Carolina sported a child in the middle of the road around 1:30 AM. It was totally dark and she did not realize it was a child at first, but looked like a dummy that had clothes on. She was on her way from work when this incident occurred.

She stopped immediately and wanted to take a closer look at what she thought was a child, but luckily decided that she would do so from the safety of her car. As soon as she stopped, she sought to men coming close to her vehicle. They were wearing dark hoodies, and attempted to get in the car by repeatedly pulling the handle.

The child in the middle of the road was simply a distraction!

She had to get away as fast as possible from the scenario.

After she got away to a safe distance, she notified the authorities. Carteret County deputies were able to find the dummy on the road, but there were no sign of those hoodlums anymore. They made use of plastic head and put on children clothes so that it resembled a small child. Maj Jason A Wank mentions that in such situations, the best thing to do is to continue to drive away.

The office of the sheriff has warned drivers in that area to drive and keep their doors locked.

Had this woman stepped out of her car to check on the dummy, she would have been a victim of carjacking.

The deputies have been able to find out the perpetrators of this child trap. With the help of a couple of tips, they have learned that it was three children that orchestrated the entire thing. They were only about 10, 14 and 17 years old, and explained to the police that it was just a prank.

WNCT reports that these three juveniles were hoping that somebody would run over the dummy, thinking they had hit a person. They simply want to freak people out, although it is still unsure as to why two of the three children wanted to harass the woman by in trying to enter her car.

At this moment, it is unknown if any charges have been filed against the three. Still, it is a wonderful lesson for the drivers, so that they could avoid becoming victims of carjacking. Always stay safe and lock the doors and windows if you see people approaching your vehicle.

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