A new dad sends pictures of wife and daughter to the family, then has to follow up with heartbreaking news

Nathan and Megan Johnson found that they were expecting their first child together, and they were visibly over the moon. Megan began to get everything ready for the arrival of the little baby, and Nathan, who happens to be a Christian music artist, was more than happy to support her.

“ She was very excited to meet the baby, and also had the name picked out,” said a fellow Christian music artists, Francesca Battistelli.

The due date for baby Ellee was on July 5, but when Megan went for a routine checkup on Monday, the doctors decided that she had to be induced. Everything went smoothly and the baby was born on Tuesday.

“They were extremely happy,” mentions Josh Wilson, a friend and bandmate. “Ellee was extremely beautiful, and Nathan was extremely happy to simply be looking at her for hours.” Everything had seemed normal and the family went home to get some rest.

Megan was holding the baby and Nathan was sending pictures of his newly born daughter to family and friends. They had already thought about the bright future for the little family.

However, tragedy struck between 9 and 10 in the morning. Megan started having complications, and although the doctors rushed to her health, there was little that they could do. She passed away within an hour. The baby was only about eight hours old.

Nathan, was heartbroken.

Josh says that Megan was everything to Nathan, and he doted on her like every loving husband should.

Family and friends started gathering around the recently widowed father, trying to provide help and support in whichever way they can. People offered them food, run errands, and also buy him diapers and cut his grass.

“ It was a wonderful thing to see, “ mentions Francesca, as a lot of people rallied together for providing support.

A group of 30 friends quickly raised about $ 12,000 for the father, but Josh wanted to go one step further. He thought that some of the friends of Nathan outside their home town in Nashville might want to help, and set up a GoFundMe campaign.

Original goal for Josh was to raise about $ 40,000, so Nathan could tour with the band and also be able to cover his bills and expenses, but the response that they got left him stunned.

In only about a few hours since the campaign was launched, it had raised thousands of dollars, so the ceiling of the gold was raised to about $ 100,000. Then, he again drifted to $ 150,000.

The campaign had raised about $ 300,000 in less than 24 hours, following which Josh set up a new poll of $ 400,000.

In a little over two days, over 7000 people had given $ 350,000 to Nathan and Ellee most of them strangers and a lot of them providing less than $ 30.

When Nathan heard about it, he was overwhelmed. “He wept out of joy,” says Josh.

Of course, the grief following the death of his wife cannot be taken away, but Nathan knew that he had the love and support of people all across the world.

Even more, his undying faith in Jesus Christ had helped him throughout the loss.

Josh knew that his friend was a believer in Jesus and believes that Megan is in heaven, and one day they will learn how to cope and grieve with proper hope.

We all know that it would be extremely difficult for Nathan and his life moving forward, but the legacy of Megan will remain with them for the rest of their lives.

Already, Megan has touched a lot of hearts through her death. She herself was a heart transplant recipient, and also hard fast advocate for organ donation. Josh mentioned that her organs help save about 50 lives, and her eyes would be able to get two people to see.

“ She gave the ultimate donation to Nathan with her daughter, but also help in saving over 52 lives,” says Josh. That is simply unbelievable!

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