White Tiger and Lion give birth to rare cubs, and they are the cutest thing that you would see today.

If you had been searching for something to brighten up your day, this is the right place! A white lion and tiger have given birth to babies together, and “ligers”, as they are called could not be any cuter.

Say hello to Odlin, Sampson, Apolo and Yeti, the rarest cats currently in the world. These are hybrid babies of white lions, ligers and tiger hybrids. There are only 1000 of these in the entire world, and they are extremely rare. Like their rare parents, ivory, which is the white line and Saraswati which is the white tiger, they are equally gorgeous to look at.

Interestingly, there are only about 300 white lions and 1200 white tigers in the entire world, so these babies come from a very special lineage.

The entire family lives together in the T.I.G.E.R sanctuary in Myrtle Beach in South Carolina, and it continues to grow every day. The little babies have been gaining at least a pound in weight on a daily basis, and would soon be the full-grown cats.

Their uncle Hercules, who happens to be a fellow liger weighs about 922 pounds, and looks magnificent. Who knows, they might be able to take over the title of the biggest cat in the world. However, for now, enjoy the cuteness that they bring to the sanctuary.

These cubs I just like you mentioned in and the love socializing with their handlers and swimming. Although individual personalities are yet to shine, Apolo loves to get affection like a house cat and curls up with the handlers. Yeti, on the other hand is the most confident and happens to be the center of attention.

If these cubs would stay in the same size, they would be extremely cute. However, with the likelihood that they would reach about 10 feet tall, they can be deadly as well.

For now, all you can do is simply admire their beauty and cuteness.

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