Mom rushes in and drops a child who is lifeless, but amazing miracles performed by strangers are captured by CCTV

When a desperate mom clutching her baby rushed into a supermarket in Australia, there was visible panic all throughout the store. However, when she handed her lifeless daughter to the two strangers and ran to the back of the store, the future of the child was in their hands.

Can you imagine the confusion and panic that must have been felt by the stranger with an unconscious child? You would never understand what would have happened in her mind to leave a child in such a state, and what would be the best thing to do for a child. There was a constant race against time and a quick decision would need to be made.

The customers, who were initially shocked to have been left with the unconscious baby tried desperately to wake her. An employee even call the ambulance, and a small crowd started forming witness the horror, albeit helplessly.

Suddenly, the father of the little girl rushed into the store, after having heard about the condition of his daughter from the wife. The mom was visibly distraught, and had to stand outside the store so as not to break down and watch her child die in front of her.

The customers and the father assumed that the little girl must have been choking and the attempted the Heimlich maneuver, but it made no difference to the condition of the child. As the time went by, resuscitating the child became a virtual impossibility, and everybody started fearing the worst. However, one stranger did not give up.

Rowan O’Neill, who was a complete stranger, started giving mouth-to-mouth resuscitation by laying the girl down on the counter as everybody gathered around in anticipation. After 90 seconds, the eyes of the little girl fluttered open.

There was a visible relief all across the room as the father embraced Rowan out of sheer gratitude.

It was later found out that the toddler had become unconscious due to intensely high fever and she had spent the previous night in hospital. Miraculously, the family was back home the next day all thanks to the brave efforts of Rowan to not give up on the child.

You can watch the entire pandemonium on full and witness the brave acts of Rowan in the video. If you are impressed by the video, you can leave your thoughts below in the comments section.