A homeless boy approaches a car to beg for money – what he sees made him burst into tears

A lot of people better off look at what people with a lot of mistrust. They simply assume that people begging for money are delinquents or thieves that are on the lookout for stealing something.

In reality, these are people that simply live in poverty, and happen to be more generous and filled with empathy to those that live comfortable lives.

John Thuo is one such boy. Living in Nairobi, Kenya, he frequented the streets in order to beg for money.

John used to spend his days in the streets begging, and most of the time, the drivers would be irritated because they assumed that he was most likely a thief.

However, John was not a thief; rather he had a heart of gold.

One day, when picking out on the streets, he approached a car asking for some change. However, what struck him unusual was something that is so inside it!

The person driving the car was a woman by the name of Gladys Kamande, who was hooked onto tubes in breathing out of the oxygen in the tank. She explained to John that along had collapsed, and breathing properly was not an option for her. She had to keep the intake of oxygen in order to remain alive.

John, considered a thief, realizes that in spite of his poverty, a lot of people were worse off than what he was, simply because they did not have their health.

Moved by empathy to tears, John made a gesture of letting Gladys take all the money that he had by holding his hand through her window.

A passerby happened to chance upon this incident and took some photographs and mentioned the story on the Internet. Within a few days, the story had gone viral, triggering a chain of events that will change both their lives forever.

Pertaining to Glady’s story, thousands of people sent donations which contributed to around $ 80,000, enabling her to travel to India to receive treatment.

So, how was John doing? Well, after receiving a lot of attention on social media, he was rescued from the streets and put into the hands of a loving family.

Nissy Wambugu, the woman who adopted her also give him a chance to start studying.

In the end, it is the gesture of kindness that John had towards Glady’s that gave him a new mother and a new life.