Father-daughter gets safe from robbery and kidnapping

Are you safe on your own premises? This incident again brings this question forward and proves that listening to your gut instincts can pay off. This story of the 17-year-old girl, named Amber Brackney, again proves that off. She faced a horrifying and scared incident on her own property. She was driving back from her usual restaurant job when something strange caught his eye-sight. She could eventually fell; that something was not falling on the place. At the same time, her father, Terry, who was at home felt something as same his daughter was feeling. He suspected of some unwanted danger. Even the dog was behaving very anxiously. Terry did know that he had to face the challenge, whatever may be the result. He also was aware that it was time for his daughter to come back home after finishing the shift. As Terry stepped out from his front porch, he saw two men with the intention of burglary. However, Terry did a courageous act to respond back to the intruders with gunshots and shouts.

Listening to the story of the father and daughter of themselves is quite amazing. Later the authorities discovered that there were four men who planned for something really furious that day. They planned to kidnap Amber and at the same time rob Terry. To the surprise, all these four men were later discovered to be the students of the same school that Amber attends. The result could have been worse. The father-daughter thanks for not letting the situation out-of-control. They now feel themselves to be safe.