An emotional reunion for a 11 year old with his dog after being apart for 1 year

“A dog is a man’s best friend” holds true for 11 year old Lennox Goebel of Nashville, Tennessee.

Lennox lives next door to Bogart, his canine friend and the two are inseparable.

The owner of Bogart was a musician and had to go away on a tour, leaving Bogart behind. So Bogart went over to stay with the owner’s mother in California till her return.

While watching Bogart drive away, Lennox cried inconsolably as he would miss him and prayed for his return every night.

Lennox’s mom Ellen mentions the emotional drama that he felt when Bogart was away.

However, Bogart did not return home soon and the wait for him turned out to be much longer.

Ellen mentions that they thought that Bogart would be gone for only a couple of months, and her son was already crying at the prospect of missing Bogart.

Although the Goebel family already has a Shih-tzu named Happy, Lennox’s relationship with Bogart was much more, calling him his best dog friend.

After being away for nearly a year, the neighbor finally returned home and told Lennox that she had a surprise for him.

Lennox went over and there was Bogart, waiting for him. He wept instantly.

“My immediate thought was to pet him,” said Lennox. She felt like it was spring break all over again.

However, the thrill of missing each other was clearly seen in the face of Bogart as well as his pal Lennox.

Bogart laid down, and started whining and Lennox started crying with pure joy. This is a reunion that is indeed tear jerking.

Luckily, Lennox warm was able to capture the entire interaction on camera.

We are extremely happy to find the two best friends reunited after being apart for a year.

You can watch the reunion below!