Dog sneaks up on sleeping baby, and it is adorable!

You know the feeling when you’re sitting on the couch, taking it easy and your eyelids starts drooping.

There is drowsiness sneaking up on you, and even before you know it, you are snoring in the couch.

There is nothing better than a spontaneous nap, with only one disadvantage; you do not have time to throw on a blanket when you fall asleep, so you almost always wake up and hour later with the feeling of coldness and frustration.

This is, unless there is a thoughtful soul taking care of you.

In the video, which has already been viewed over 6 million times, you can see a baby sleeping on the couch.

However, before the parents get there and back in the baby, somebody is already there first – the family dog!

It’s as if the dog knows that the baby is freezing, and the helpful dog puts a blanket over the baby to make sure that she is warm and cozy.

What an incredible dog and a thoughtful action.