Bear witness to the emotional reunion between two circus animals being apart for 22 year

An elephant never forgets. This is truly touching!

Jenny was just a calf, and Shirley was in her late 20s. They spent a lot of time together in the circus before being separated for a period of 22 years.

Then, they were reunited and the elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee, and the experience was simply mind blowing.

Naturally, nobody was sure as to what would happen. There was a possibility of the two not recognizing each other, or not feeling a connection with each other, or if perhaps there would be bonding.

Indeed, it was the last possibility which was true as they not only ended up bonding, but it was much more than what anybody had expected. Although, they did not recognize each other initially, but when they looked into each other’s eyes, everything clicked.

Shirley touched Jenny’s face, and roars of joy erupted all around them. It is this moment of reuniting that was extremely moving!

Six years later, Jenny passed away due to illness, but I am extremely excited to say that she spent her last years with her best friend.

Elephants have no place in a circus. Share this wonderful moment with all the animal loving friends to show how important it is for everybody to remain in a safe environment!