110-pound mix breed street dog was rescued by Hope for Paws

Have you noticed the street dogs who roam the streets? You definitely have. There are thousands of such dogs who roam around the streets of the United States in search of shelter and food. Gershwin was a similar street 110-pound mix breed dog who roams the streets of California. However, he managed the two months of the summer and tried out his best way to keep his body cool from the brutal heat of the summer. Though for seconds it seemed that the heat would take away the life of the dog but eventually Hope for Paws didn’t let that to happen. Now the rescue video of the 11o-pound mix breed is going viral because of his size and strength.

Loreta Frankonyte, a volunteer from the Hope for Paws, proceeds towards Gershwin who was in the grassy knoll by the side of the gas station. He was spending his days over there only. As Loreta tried to get closer to Gershwin, he hesitated at first but with a few sips of the water and treats he was easy. Finding him easy enough Loreta tried to lead around his head. At this moment the dog showed up his strength by pulling Loreta along with him with the lead on. The other volunteers immediately came to rescue and helped to get the dog back into the car. Now it was essential for Gershwin to have a bath and a health check-up. However, in the check-up, some kind of infection was found in Gershwin's shoulder. After treating him fully, Gershwin has now made his place in the adoption list of Hope for Paws. He is now in search of his new home and family.