Skater’s performance astonishes everyone.


Have you ever tried up your skills on ice skates? If yes then there is no need to saying that how difficult it is to stand on ice skates and to twirl your moves in the rink. The European Figure Skating Championship routine gets wild with the stunning performance given by Vanessa James and Morgan Cipre. In the starting, the commentators commented that the routine was hard to follow at the beginning. The two skaters started with facing to each other. They showed their talent to the crowd. They do shake the nerves of the crowd with their awesome performance. Through their performance, there is now a popular figure in the international figure skating competition. Till date they have won, four French Championships and also competed several times in the past in the European Figure Skating Championship. In the later case, they managed to stand in the fourth place only. They made many close attempts to kiss the podium award but never succeeded in the attempt.

Instead of going with the old moves they decided to introduce some new style into their routine. They make their movements easily together and showed some of the most complicated moves to show their skills. With their ease moves, they added some essence of attraction and love in their routine. Thus this time they were the perfect blend of talent that showed up to the judges and the audiences. It was sure that they earned a medal. Thus their heartwarming routine touched the hearts and the audiences cheer as they make all those complicated moves with much ease.