Daddy steps forward to save his little puppy.


Man tries a lot of things to make their kids safe. They guide their babies until they get big enough to handle their lives on their own. If you think that this type of behavior only persists in the human being’s nature then you are quite wrong. Quite a number of animals also show the similar behavior as that of the human beings. Recently this incident points out the same thing. A man tries to shake his hand with an adorable little golden retriever. Just then the dad of this small retriever steps in to make his little puppy save from any harm. We thank the person who had the camera and features the whole event.

It is been seen that in most cases male dogs do not develop the parental feeling from the very fast. The father dogs normally protect their younger ones. They provide them with utmost space and do also help them to get secured from any unwanted threats. However, it is seen that this feeling can grow over time or can develop as soon as the little ones are born. As in this case where the father is ready is ready to fight with any human stranger so as to protect his puppy. At first, the dad blocks the man's hand that can reach his little puppy. He laid on his son so to avoid any stranger from coming close to his puppy. But as the man tries to shake the hand with the small adorable puppy, he gets serious and moves his puppy along with him away from the stranger. This is a very rare seen heartwarming incident about dad affection for his puppy.