Nurse Puts Dying Baby Next To Her Twin To Say Final Goodbye And Then Witnesses A Wonder.

In 1995, inside a neo-natal intensive care unit at a healthcare facility in Worcester, Mass. case history was changed forever when there were problems with Paul Jackson's newborn, 12-week early twin children.

It was unusual for children to be dealt with, much less share an incubator. At the time, it was thought that early children might be too delicate and fragile by the medical community.

At 3 weeks old, one of the twin's formerly steady condition took a turn and started struggling to breathe, her heart rate increased and her oxygen level dropped. She even started to turn blue.

On-duty NICU nurse, Gayle Kasparian wanted to attempt something that had not been practiced in the U.S.A yet. She put the stronger twin, Kyrie, into the incubator Brielle remained in.

Kyrie's next gesture has actually been referred to as absolutely nothing short of a wonder; she put her tiny arm around Brielle, whose statistics immediately began to stabilize. A professional photographer recorded the gorgeous image now known as the “Rescuing Hug”, appearing in Life Publication and Reader's Digest.

Brielle and Kyrie are now living healthy and delighted adult lives, forever indebted to Gayle.

The nurses fast believing not only conserved the twins but raised awareness of skin-to-skin contact. Early infants are often handled by doing this, known as “Kangaroo Care,” some as young as 23 weeks old.

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