Know what each symbol tells us

Have you ever wondered what are the tags on the household items are for? No, we never look at that or ever try to find out the meaning of the same. It can be astonishing that this tags and symbols carry information that you need to know. Even the garments and the daily products also come with certain information that we are not aware of. Let’s take the example of the pom poms that comes at the top of the winter hats. Do you know what they are for? Obviously, they look adorable but the fact is that they have a real use.

Have you ever searched for the symbols that read at the back of the liquid products? No, we don’t bother to know about the symbols. The symbols that tell ‘12M’ or ’24M’ is of real use. We just focus on the ingredients and the directions to use the product, thus, neglecting the symbols. You will be surprised to know that the symbols tell about the lifespan of the product.

Even it helps us in keeping the track of expire date as we use a lot of soap, shampoo, conditioner, lotions and other skin care products. Have you noticed the three arrows triangle? Can you decode the information that it brings? It does tell us about the time, the product is safe for storing. But there is a different meaning for each number. Even the color tags on the bread can tell you how fresh it is. So, before trying any product or edible item, know the meaning of the symbols.