Dog got united to her daddy after two years lost

No necessary that every human parent takes good care of their dogs. Sometimes dogs ran away from their mean human parents and end up living in the streets. Some humans also abandoned their dogs. It’s really sad. But this time the story is something really different. The story is all about an adorable Pakita who was being lost for long two years. Out of short adventure, the little Pakita finds her way out of the yard. She might have thought of taking a little tour of the neighborhood. But really didn’t hope that she would not find her way back to the home. 

The adorable Pakita was lucky enough to get into the hands of Arca Animal Refuge at Argentina. She was saved from living a street dog life. For long two years, Pakita lived over there in the hope that her daddy would pick her up. But that never happened. Although the animal care center took a good care of the dog but could replace her own home from her heart. Over here, she was not strengthier enough to compete with the other younger dogs. As time drew, the adorable Pakita spends her time thinking about her happy old life and she began to get depressed.

On the other side, her daddy was continuously searching for her. Luckily one day, grandma viewed Pakita’s picture on the website of the Arca Animal Refuge. She understood that the dog was owned by Ariel, her son. As soon Ariel came to know about it, he went for the dog the very next day. The little Pakita smelled a known essence of the air. It was her daddy. The adorable Pakita was very happy and so did the daddy. The both were united again.