Be cautious while charging your phone at night

Dying out of any disease is acceptable. But what if you sleep healthier in the bed and your parents’ find out your dead body in the morning? Even having a heart attack or stroke during sleep is heard but how can somebody die out of electrocuting? Yes, you heard me right. A teenage girl was found dead in her sleep due to electrocuted by her phone charger.

The name of the girl was Le Thi Xoan, who was found non-responsive in her bed. Her parents took her to the hospital where she was declared dead. On investigating, police found out the burnt cable wire lying beside her bed and a rubber part that was torn. Thus after collecting all the evidence, the investigators concluded that in the bed, her iPhone was left plugged in. However, still, there is much to be known that whether the charger was a genuine one or a copy.

Seeing the image of the cable appears that it might not be a product of Apple as the charger look much smaller. Looking at the charger, small tear parts are easily visible. Most probably, these were the points from where the woman got the shock while sleeping. Moreover, this is not the first case where a phone charger electrocuted someone. Remembering an incident from April where a man got electrocuted while his iPhone has been charged. The man was lucky enough to survive.

The incident occurred while he was sleeping his chain got slipped between the charger’s metal prongs. If he was not wearing the chain, the accident could not have gone so worse. His neck has the burn marks. He said that his chain acted as the conductor. He tried to take off the necklace when he noticed smoke coming up from his bed sheets.  So please be careful while charging your phone at night.