After 20 long years, the true confession of Prince Harry

Princess Diana died in a car accident when her son Harry was just 12 years old and she herself was about to be 36 years. And living without the shelter of your parents become much difficult for a child to grow up and become a good human being. Here in this post, Prince Harry is describing his life after his parent passes away and how he manages to be an ordinary gentleman like his mother Diana used to be. Being a member of the British royal family he was not that much benefited but had to face so many obstacles in life as an ordinary person.

Prince Harry

After 20 years of his mother’s passing, Harry opened up to the audience about his struggling life that he went through after his mother’s unnatural death. Harry said that her mother left William and Harry all alone. He is a member of the royal family at that very time had to pretend to be strong enough to deal with every difficult situation. But soon he felt that the incident of her mother died, he was becoming a drunker, smoker and also got caught in many poor scandals. He also admitted that his life was totally in confusion and he was on the edge of a breakdown when he was only 20 years old.

Prince Harry

Later with the support of his brother, Prince Harry sleeked for the professional help and his life got completely a new route. He with total support started living his life as an ordinary man. He also said that with the influence of his childhood memories with his mother Princess Diana, he started supporting poor and needy people with charities and every possible help. He is now famous for his charities he made. He also launched one of the major events named “the Invictus Games” for the injured, wounded and disables service personnel and veterans. 

Harry also said that at present he and William are living an ordinary life like his mother used to live. Harry is in a relationship with American actress Meghan Markle and their engagement is expected very soon. He is also happy for living such a normal life as he said that he would just marry like an ordinary man does.