Bride Sees Her Husband’s Ex At Her Wedding, Halts Everything And Tells Her To Stand

We all can understand that how much difficult the situation is when you marry a person with a child. In the ceremony of marriage, we don’t only make promises to love our partner for the rest of the life but we need to take care of that child as well. During any circumstances, we need to take care of both of them as we promise to do so.

Therefore, Katie Hild in her wedding vows had made very serious promises to her partner (Jeremy) that she will take care of his every need and love him till the last breath of her life. She not only promised to love her husband but she also promised to Jeremy’s son (Landon) that she will equally love Landon and will take care of his every requirement and guide his till he becomes enough intelligent to take care of himself. She also made promises to Landon’s mother and stepfather (Casey and Tyler), that he will take very care of their son. Katie took the responsibility to invite them both to her wedding and also appreciated their love.

Katie performed all the responsibilities of marriage and co- parenting as a great lady. She made the promises that were actually unexpected from a stepmother towards his son. Her vows she had taken, projects that she is enough caring about Landon’s welfare and mental states. With her such activities, she proved herself as selfless women and a caring mother.

It is also expected that all of them as Katie, Jeremy, Landon, Tyler, and Casey, are going to live happily in their life.