Inexpensive but quick way to get rid of lice, something your doctor didn’t tell you!

If you see children scratching their head often, you are in no dark. You are quite sure of the fact that the child has been affected by lice. There can be many reasons why these little creatures get into a child’s head. But what scares people most is how to get rid of them. It is believed that children are bound to get lice on their head once they start going to schools. Toddlers do not like to get their hair combed especially when you try to comb it hard to get every single louse out of the head.

Kids tend to get lice on their head more easily than adults because they spend most of their time playing on the ground. While playing they get closer to their friends who presumably have got lice already on their heads. Though having lice on head is not fatal or any way dangerous to health. But it can cause a feeling of discomfort arising out of constant itching. It becomes really difficult to tackle them because they multiply easily and fast. So, you have to be really cautious to tackle the lice situation up there.

There are shampoos available in the market that provides the benefit of getting rid of lice in the beginning. But it may happen that they lose their power in due course of time. The lice eggs needs to be casted off from the head which may take a long time. To kill each and every louse that is there on the head, you may need to buy bottles of lice killing shampoo. So, for this reason it is essential that you try this method.

This method that we are talking about is not only cheap but also free from harmful chemicals that would not harm your child. You can also free your child from long hours of sitting in one place to help you get rid of each and every louse. This DIY method is going to help you in your task of getting all the lice from your child’s head.

The things that you need for this method are:

  • A lice comb. This is easily available in the market.
  • Mouthwash which is there in almost all of our homes
  • White wine vinegar which is found in our kitchen
  • A shower cap or a plastic bag whichever is nearby
  • A towel

What to do?

  • Take the mouthwash and apply it on your hair. Cover your hair with a plastic bag or shower cap. Keep your hair like this for an hour. This is done in order to disturb the lice on your head by the smell of the mouthwash
  • Wash off your hair. Apply white wine vinegar on your damp hair. Vinegar is effective in getting rid of the eggs of lice. You should give time to the vinegar to sit down in your hair. And the best way to let the hair absorb the vinegar is to cover your hair with shower cap
  • Wash your hair after an hour and start combing your hair with a lice comb
  • You can spray your child’s hair with mouthwash every day before he or she leaves for school. This way their hair will be free from getting caught by lice and also they’ll smell fresh all day long

According to Healthy Life Center, this method is a very effective way to get rid of lice from your child’s head. It doesn’t harm your child in any way and also this trick can be used by adults!