Mom Sometimes Uses A Baby Sling For Her Infant, One Day Feels Intense Burning On Her Chest

After having a baby, moms always felt the difficulty to maintain their regular work and the baby both. Even the baby wants to be with their moms but taking the baby in lap for each and every work is not always possible. With the invent of baby slings, the work of the moms became easier as they don’t have to take their baby in the lap but still, the baby is with her mother. The mom can continue her daily household task without checking for the baby every minute. In the same way, the baby feels the heartbeat of the mom.

We will be talking about a mom who was a regular user of the sling until she faced a near-tragedy. Molly Landis is a resident of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, with her four-year-old sweet baby girl. Molly is really fond of cooking and loves it while her baby resides in the sling. Talking about that particular day, molly acclaims it as a blessing of the guardian angel as she was not wearing the sling as her baby was asleep in the swing. Due to some unknown reason, The stove burner exploded by sending a fireball and gave Molly burn at neck, chest, and face too. She is thankful that she did not carry the baby at that day as the burn exactly occurs in the places where the baby in the sling would have been. Molly shared her stories on Facebook from where the news spread like a fire. She got more than 25,000 times share with 17,000 reactions.