Child Teaches Dad How To Selfie, Doesn’t Expect Him To Become Internet Sensation

There's absolutely nothing cuter than old folks learning how to use innovation and offering it their finest shot. This simply recently took place to a sheep farmer in Walcha, Australia, who was presented to the ubiquitous selfie by his child, and continued to have way too much FUN with it.
In a series of photos originally published to the ‘Cool Dog Group' Facebook page, then spread out around the Internet, the male can be seen working the front video camera with two very photogenic pets, as well as a sheep. It's so innocent and pure, it's bringing smiles to everybody who lays their eyes on it. Can we simply go live on this guy's farm and take selfies with all his adorable animals, please?
Though the story appears to have been validated by the male's goddaughter, we're still trying to find more info about him– and perhaps more selfies! If we have any sleuthing investigator pandas in the audience who have additional details to offer, drop it in the comments. In the meantime, take pleasure in these wholesome, heartfelt pictures, and share them with anybody who requires a pick-me-up today.

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