Small poodle sees sunlight for the first time and her reaction was heartbreaking

Every animal needs proper love and care, but not many of these animals are that lucky. Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) found a tiny poodle in the basement of a puppy mill. B.B. looked in a bad condition and didn’t even have proper ventilation and was living in a cage. She weighed only a couple of pounds and had just three teeth left. Apart from B.B., the rescuers also found 20 cats, 104 dogs and three goats. She never had any contact with a human before, and when she saw a human she tried to smell the hand. B.B. seemed that she never went outside ever. Then this small poodle sees sunlight for firs time and started to squint to adjust to the light.

The rescuers couldn’t even determine the age of B.B. at first. However, after months of proper care and love, they determined that she must be between 7 to 10 years old. B.B. was cared by the Cabarrus Animal Hospital employees, which was about 35 minutes’ drive away from the horrible place she was rescued from. Thankfully, she is now adopted by Brenda Tortoreo who used to work at animal care center where B.B. was taken care of. Watch the story of this tiny poodle here and it will melt your heart. Now this small poodle sees sunlight every day and play under it too. Please share the story with as many people as possible via the icons given below.