Siberian tiger quintuplet discarded by mother, and are kept alive by their mother

There are many animals that are categorized as endangered species. Whenever, new born of an endangered animals are born special care needs to be undertaken. If we don’t take of them properly then they will vanish from the face of earth within couple of earth. Recently, a Siberian tiger gave birth to quintuplets which is a rare event. The babies comprise of three boys and two girls and were born at breeding center at Harbin city, China. The Siberian tiger quintuplet was discarded by the mother. The breeder decided to raise them and every 3 hours they need to be bottle fed. Thankfully, every day they are gaining two ounces of weight. By the end of August 2017, there will be 150 Siberian tiger cubs at the center. Watch how these Siberian tiger quintuplet are taken care of Li Xin, who their breeder.

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