Hotel expert warns why you should never trust complimentary bottles of shampoo and shower gel

When you are travelling, hotels typically serve as your home away from home. Consequently, you anticipate it to be as clean and flawless as possible. The free shampoo and shower gel bottles are usually an added treat. TikTok claims that visitors would be wise to avoid them, nevertheless.

The ‘Travelling Hotel Manager’ on TikTok had some very important advise for her followers. She has sternly warned everyone not to use the complimentary bottles. To put it mildly, the potential cause is highly evil and dangerous.

She introduces herself at the beginning of the clip before entering the hotel washroom. She displayed three full-sized bottles of body wash, conditioner gel, and shampoo there. She continued by advising her audience not to use them since they are unsafe.

How Secure And Clean Is Your Hotel Room?

The TikTok then went on to show that anyone can very easily unscrew the bottles’ pump lids. As such, she explains that previous guests can fill the bottles up with whatever they want, including bleach and hair color.

Therefore, it would be best to never use them. She suggests that visitors bring their own shampoo and shower gel instead. She urged people who don’t do that to at least call reception and ask for a new set, even if it’s just the small ones. Many of her viewers were quite appreciative of the guidance.

One even shared her bad experience with it: “Yeah. Still suffering from contract dermatitis after forgetting my products and using those.” However, there were a few who argued that most hotels used secure, dispensable ones that get changed out every time.

The only questionably unsanitary practise in hotels is not this one, though. The standard level of lavatory cleanliness was examined by Inside Edition in 2017 during their research. The toilet rim and shower floor were marked by correspondents, leaving behind harmless, easily washable stains that could only be seen under UV light.

They were horrified to discover the marks still present after returning the following day and checked into the same room.

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