Growing up with grandparents makes you less depressed as an adult as research shows.

Unfortunately, I am not a kid that grew up with grandparents. Well, I had a very special relationship with my grandmother from my father’s side, who used to keep me in her lap and feed me bread with milk and sugar. I really miss her. I really miss my grandfather from my mother’s side. When he passed away, I never had a chance to say goodbye to him, and it hurts. My brother was literally raised by my grandmother, maybe that’s why he laughs more than me. I mean, I don’t really know, but that’s what the research shows.

Boston College has done the research recently where they studied more than 300 children and grandparents. What they saw was really interesting. A sudden boost in happiness and joy, and a sudden change in the room’s atmosphere. Endorphin is produced at its finest and this makes sure that both of the parties don’t fall into depression or sadness. This is why, according to this study, it is really important that kids grow up with grandparents. I guess grandma’s food never gets old after all.

Grandparents Carrying Grandson On Shoulders On Walk Along Beach

Speaking of grandma’s food, remember that time that I went through clinical death from meningitis? She saved my life. This is the other grandma, from my mother’s side. She stayed up all night, cooking milk and rice and feeding me until I let out all of the infection. I was healed. I was wrong. Now that I’m thinking about it I am the kid that grew up with grandparents. Then why am I depressed? Maybe that study isn’t that correct after all.

Share some of the great things you remember growing up. Like running through sprinklers, catching fireflies, or playing on the swings to the point where the poles came out of the ground. What do you remember? Let us know. Thanks.

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