Girlfriend says emotional final goodbye to boyfriend before his life support is turned off

Despite being only 15, Stephanie Ray had to go through something extremely disturbing. The girl lived a beautiful love story with Blake Ward, and her life seemed like a fairy tale. However, her world collapsed a few days ago: she had to say goodbye to her boyfriend after a tragic accident.

In the last few hours, the picture showing the farewell of Stephanie and the 16-year-old was widely publicized on social media. In the photo in question, we can see the teenager wearing a blue sweater, lying next to her lover. The image was captured only minutes before Blake’s life support machines were turned off.

Love story comes to an end

Whether you are sensitive or not, it is very difficult to remain indifferent to such a picture. In fact, looking at the two young lovers, it is shocking to know that such a beautiful story will end so tragically. The couple’s nightmare began last Tuesday when Blake was swimming and got in trouble.

The incident occurred in Tywyn, Wales. Blake had to be rescued, along with two other friends, and the rescue operation required the intervention of two helicopters, in addition to three ships. The coast guard, police and paramedics were also on site to assist in the rescue.

For several days Blake fought for his life, but he eventually gave up. Despite having a difficult time, Stephanie is trying to overcome this unimaginable ordeal.

The message posted by the 15-year-old on social networks about her lover’s death is full of serenity: “As some of you may know Blake was involved in a terrible accident on Tuesday. I’ve been by his side through it all and I haven’t left him. Blake was a loving, caring person and would do anything for anyone. We were told yesterday that Blake would never recover and his brain was too damaged and we had to make the hard decision of turning his machine off and let him go… I will never forget you Blake. Fly high my baby boy, I’m gonna make you proud. Love you and I always will.”

Let’s pray for Stephanie and all the family members of the kid who lost his life. Although he has departed, he will always be alive in the hearts of those who knew him.

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