Fireman’s trick can save lives – here’s what to do if you’re alone and choking

You’re sitting at home alone when something suddenly gets stuck in your throat – blocking your windpipes. Not a single person is around to help. You’re not breathing – and you begin to realize with dread that death could be just seconds away. What to do?

Far too many of us could not answer that question if asked. Meanwhile, a much larger number of us are familiar with what to do if the role is reversed- and you see someone else choking.

Hopefully, this can help.

Fireman Jeff Rehmen presents a technique that is certainly just as good to know as any other. He reveals how to save someone from choking – that someone being, of course, you.

Hopefully, you’ll never have to put this technique to use – but if such an incident does occur, it can certainly save your life. Watch the video below and please make sure to share this vital information on to all your family and friends.

Don’t forget to share this video – you could help save a life!

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