David Mengon was understanding being separated from parent four years back when he confronted an ungainly minute: meeting his ex’s new beau.

Mengon, 31, had come to previous spouse Sarah Mengon’s home close Waco, Texas, for his end of the week appearance with his girl, Willow, 5, when he met Sarah’s presently life partner, Dylan Lenox, 27, just because.

“It was truly testing at first,” David told TODAY. “There was a great deal of torment and hurt on my side simply observing my little girl with another person.”

“He turned out with Willow in his arms, and it squashed me right away. At that point as I became acquainted with him and discover his identity as an individual and acknowledged it was never a challenge of ‘who’s the better father,’ I began to pick up a great deal of regard for him.”

What could’ve been a conceivably unpleasant circumstance ended up being the start of an extraordinary companionship worked around a common love for their girl?

On Jan. 19, Lenox posted a progression of photographs on Facebook, including Willow and her two fathers. Sarah Mengon, 30, who is an expert picture taker, shot the endearing scenes before a school move throughout the end of the week. The delightful photographs and the inspiring message that went with them mirrored the exceptional bond between organic dad and prospective stepfather.

The Facebook post has since turned into a web sensation, with in excess of 200,000 preferences and more than 100,000 offers.

“We have formed ourselves into one remarkable family, of just for our kids to know the intensity of affection,” Lenox composed. “In addition to the fact that I gained a girl, I picked up a sibling and the closest companion. Much obliged to you Sarah for giving this each of them a chance to occur!”

“I was somewhat overwhelmed when I saw his post,” David said. “We have regard for one another, yet observing everything recorded sort of makes it genuine.”

Sarah tried to defusing any potential strain between her ex and her new beau. She and David were separated from when Willow was a year old yet they had a genial part and made a point to remain in normal correspondence.

“With David, I simply needed to put my very own emotions aside, be a grown-up and be full grown about the circumstance,” Sarah Mengon told TODAY. “I never let my emotions impede bringing up our little girl. It helped a great deal that the two sides were so understanding.”

“I believe it’s simply common regard, and that is all because of Sarah,” Lenox told TODAY.

David served in the U.S. Armed force for a long time and is currently an administration temporary worker in Las Cruces, New Mexico. He went on two organizations after Willow’s introduction to the world and was particularly thankful for Lenox during those occasions.

“He was there to ensure Willow was secured and Sarah was sheltered,” he said. “It’s as yet a hard pill to swallow occasionally when she calls him ‘Daddy,’ yet I gotta recollect it is anything but a title, it’s a conduct.”

“Since he is filling that job of being a decent, positive male impact in her life and dealing with her, he merits the title of ‘Father.'”

Be that as it may, David concedes that it hasn’t generally been simple. There are still some attempting minutes.

“It’s a long way from a fantasy, yet when you have regard for an individual, you can relinquish that ill will or that desire or that pride a smidgen and simply state, ‘This is another person to secure them when I’m nowhere to be found,'” he said.

All Willow has ever known is that she has two fathers. She is a piece of a family that likewise incorporates Sarah and Dylan’s little girl, Tatum, 2, and Dylan’s child, Liam, 6, from a past relationship.

“She doesn’t have a memory of me or David not being there,” Lenox said. “We didn’t drive anything on her to the extent titles or who assumes what job. For whatever length of time that we’re similarly supporting and adoring, that is the only thing that is important.”

David visits normally from New Mexico and burns through most occasions in Texas with Willow. Lenox said he anticipates having David fill in as his best man at his wedding to Sarah if the two choose not to run off.

“I’ve seen individuals remarking that genuine alpha guys wouldn’t permit this or do this,” David said. “I don’t imagine that has anything to do with it. I think as a dad, particularly in this day and age where the thought is to engage ladies to be solid and free, we needed to swallow that pride together.”

Lenox’s Facebook post has urged and propelled others to share their accounts and handle their own connections.

“I’ve gotten messages saying, ‘This has given me the inspiration to roll out an improvement with my ex-mate,'” David said. “They state they are going to put better exertion into it and expect it changes. It’s about the children.”