Fan makes Brendan Fraser emotional after telling him she made her childhood awesome

There are lots of names that graced our childhoods and made them what they were. One of those names is Brendan Fraser. He was in Looney Tunes: Back in Action and George of the Jungle. Both involved lots of slapstick, often fourth-wall-breaking humor with Fraser at the center of it all.

And obviously, he was the lead in The Mummy trilogy as well. Can’t forget that.

In his personal life, Brendan Fraser is a very kind person. But the years and the industry haven’t been as kind to him.


Fraser dealt with it all. A painful divorce, the death of his mother, and mistreatment from many people in Hollywood. The natural result was, of course, depression. Fraser is still only human, and this wave of rough times took its toll on his career.

But the people haven’t forgotten about him.


When you’ve starred in some of the most memorable action and comedy flicks of a generation, it’s for people to forget. The generation of kids that remember his films are all grown up now, and were there to support Fraser when he needed it most.

One of those childhood fans saw him at a meet and greet, and the sweetest thing happened.

Imani Goulet loves Fraser so much that she bought a Funko Pop of his character in The Mummy, Rick O’Connell. When you have a Funko Pop of the man himself and know he’s in town, why not have him sign it?

Knowing it’d be worth filming, she captured the whole scene on her TikTok.



Fraser is now in his 50s, and it’s no surprise that he doesn’t look like George of the Jungle anymore. Depression can change people, but seeing Fraser getting back on his feet puts a smile on everyone’s faces.

And Imani was definitely all smiles when she was there.

When she struck up conversation with him, Fraser proved just how genuine and down to Earth he really was.

He said Imani’s name right, and the enthusiastic young girl immediately noticed. “You said it right!” she exclaimed. “That’s impressive. Most people get it wrong!”.

Fraser first signed her Funko Pop while complimenting her name. “A lifetime of people mispronouncing my name….I know what it’s like” he told them.

And just before they left, the two friends looked back to Fraser one more time. They told him something that truly made his day.


“Thank you for making my childhood awesome!”, “And mine too!” – they told him

The girls’ words clearly touched Fraser.

He showed a very authentic smile from ear to ear, with an emotional look in his eyes. A fist bump and a smile later, and that’s when Imali and her friend said goodbye.

This might’ve been just a few seconds, but they were a very heartfelt and genuine couple of seconds. These girls came to see Brendan Fraser the actor, and got to see him as the person he is too.

It would seem that Fraser is no stranger to touching gestures and words from childhood fans.

Just last year, he held back tears after hearing how many people on the internet still adore him.


All of this goes to show how a few kind words can really lift someone up when they need it the most. Fraser has returned to acting now, set to star in Killers of the Flower Moon and Brothers. He’s also Cliff Steele and Robotman in Doom Patrol.

It’s great to have you back, Brendan. And don’t forge we love you!

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