Dog saves an infant left in a storm drain

Before Georgie became a rescue dog and later managed to save a baby’s life, she was a puppy that was roaming the streets of Port Elizabeth, South Africa. One lucky day Georgie, who is a dachshund, was spotted walking alone on the roads by employees of a dog shelter. The managed to catch up with her and take her back to the dog shelter with them. Some time passed, and Georgie was picked up from the dog shelter by Charamine Keevy, who was at the shelter to rescue a dog. Georgie caught her attention, and she decided to take her home with her.

After getting used to her new home, Georgie started to be a happy, full of energy dog that was loving her new life in her new home. When Charamine had family or friends over, Georgie was friendly to all of them. Every new person and even dog she met, she was always friendly with them.

A day came when Georgie was going to be a rescuer herself. Charamine was taking Georgie on a walk, when suddenly Georgie stopped, went near a storm drain, and began to bark as hard as she could. Charamine had never seen her little dog bark so much, so she also went close to the storm drain. She heard a sound that was coming from it and at first thought that it was a cat that had Georgie pumped up so much.

She started pulling on Georgie’s leash, trying to make her start walking again. Georgie kept on tugging the leash and desperately trying to make Charamine look down the drain. After a couple of unsuccessful tries, Charamine stepped a bit closer to the storm drain to see what was inside.

When she glanced down the storm drain, she couldn’t believe her eyes. The noise she heard wasn’t from a cat or any other animal, but from a baby that was left in the storm drain. The first thing that Charamine did was go on the street and tried to get someone to stop to help her get the baby out. Cornie Viljoen saw Charamine on the side of the street, waving for help and stopped his car to see what was going on. After Charamine explained, Cornie didn’t waste any time getting the baby to safety.

Cornie rushed to his car, opened his trunk, and took a steal bar so he could open up the storm drain. He then jumped down and saw the baby lying there in a horrible condition. He picked up the baby and handed it to Charamine that was waiting next to the storm drain. When Georgie saw the baby getting carried out of the storm drain, she calmed down because she knew the baby was now safe.



Charamine called an ambulance, and when they came, they drove the baby to the hospital as fast as they could. At the hospital, doctors found out that the baby was suffering from hypothermia and had multiple respiratory issues. Fortunately, the doctors managed to take care of the baby and his condition is now normal. As the baby recovered, she was brought to a foster home. There she is now waiting for a family to adopt her.

If it wasn’t for Georgie, doctors said that the baby would have succumbed to the bad hypothermia and the other injuries. It is horrible that someone would leave a little infant like that, but thanks to Charamine, Cornie, and of course, Georgie, the baby will get to live her life.

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