Deaf girl hears for the first time and her reaction is shocking

We hear and get used to noises ever since we are in the womb, but for some, it is not that way. Some are born with what science is calling and abnormality, being deaf. But as technology is getting more intelligent we are even finding a cure for different abnormalities humans might be born with like not having limbs, or being partially blind and even deaf. There is two types of solutions when it comes to providing the chance of hearing to deaf people. The first is a hearing aid, but sometimes these do not work properly so the other option that is left for the deaf person is getting cochlear implants by surgery. 

This is what happened to this 3 year old girl named Q’ela Pierce. Since a newborn, her parents knew that there was something wrong with her because she would not respond to noise. After a meeting at the doctor it was discovered that she was deaf. Throughout the years her parents tried hearing aids but they would not work on her because she still would not respond to anything that made noise. So the doctors said that it is best for Q’ela to get surgery. The family was scared because she was too young to overcome such a thing but it was the only option left in order for their daughter to hear their voices and keep in touch with the world. 

Cochlear implants have been in discussion for many years since they first came out. They are thought to be the cure to being deaf. Still, some people believe that if someone is deaf that is how it is and should not be fixed by technology. These people believe that they should be as created and not mixed with science. They think that someone is born deaf for a reason. I think to which it’s own but if you can repair an abnormality why not do it and be so indifferent about it? 


Luckily Q’ela’s parents are pro-tech and the surgery was a complete success. But it is no flowers and rainbows after having surgery. The people that have this kind of surgery need to get used to a cochlear. They need to get used to the sensation and also start to control their own voice. The same happened to this little girl. First she was sat on a seat and then her parents quietly called out her name so she would not get scared of the whole new experience. But even whispering led this little girl to shock. She opened her eyes in a big surprise and also started bitting her hand because she did not know what to do. 

Her parents continued to whisper her name after she got over the shock and the three year old would get confused again and again. It took some time for her to finally get a little used to it so she started smiling and looking at her mother.

That moment was just priceless. Q’ela still had a lot to overcome and to get used to, she is happy now and still learning more sounds of nature

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