Dad Finds Kidnapped Son After Spending 24 Years Searching On Motorcycle

This story is proof positive that parents never give up on their children.

In 1997, Guo Gangtang’s 2-year-old son was abducted while playing near the front gate of his home in China.

According to ABC, “Abductions of children for sale are reported regularly in China … The problem is aggravated by restrictions that until 2015 allowed most urban couples only one child. Boys are sold to couples who want a son to look after them in old age.”

According to police, traffickers kidnapped Guo’s son and sold him to a couple in central China.

Guo, who was 27 at the time of his son’s abduction, set off on a mission to find him — and he was willing to dedicate the rest of his life to the search.

The heartbroken father quit his job, hopped on his motorcycle, and began a tireless journey that spanned 24 years and 310,000 miles. He’d sleep under bridges, beg for money, and chase down tips — and there was always a photo of his son tied to the back of his bike.

Over the years, Guo even became an advocate for other parents of missing children.

Now Guo’s long-lost son has finally been found — and it’s a reunion you don’t want to miss.

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