Dad falls asleep with newborn in his arms – two hours later, the baby is dead

Becoming a parent has to be the greatest blessing from God. Getting to hold a tiny human you gave life to in your hands gives you a sense of warmth, joy, and excitement.

When 25-year-old David Hulley of Stockport, England became a father for the second time, he couldn’t be happier. He waited in anticipation to meet his newborn son whom he loved to the moon and back.

David is a caring father who enjoyed spending time and taking care of his little ones. That day wasn’t any different than the rest. The new father was lying on the couch with the baby and the two fall asleep. It wasn’t until David woke up that he realized the devastating truth.

PHOTO: Pixabay (The baby in the picture has nothing to do with the event)º–

Four-week-old Karson Winter-Hulley seemed to be perfectly safe and comfortable in his dad’s arms. As the young dad told The Sun:

“He seemed to calm down and snuggled in to me. I was comforting him whilst the bottle warmed up, I was just admiring him and amazed by him.”

“He went off to sleep and I fell asleep with him on the sofa. I wasn’t fully lying down, I was right up against the back and he was on my arm. I just dozed off.”

Two hours later David realized little Karson was unresponsive.

He started panicking and did everything in his power to wake his boy up, but it was too late.

“I ran upstairs and said to Beverly I think something’s wrong with him. Beverly tried kissing his mouth but she couldn’t feel anything. We called an ambulance and they tried to resuscitate him.”

The panic-stricken parents heard what they feared most. The baby was dead.

The reason behind this heartbreaking loss crushed Karson’s mom and dad.

Doctors said that the newborn suffered from Sudden Infant Death syndrome (SID) which is the unexplained death, usually during sleep, of a seemingly healthy baby less than a year old.

There was nothing wrong with the baby before he fell asleep. Doctors can’t explain the reason behind SID and are unaware of what may the cause of it be, but they do suggest some steps that may help in preventing it from happening, such as putting the baby to sleep on their back and on a firm bed without any toys around, no smoking in the room where the baby sleeps, breastfeeding as long as possible, using a pacifier to put them to sleep, and preventing the babies from overheating by dressing them in light and comfortable clothes during the night.

Pathologist Melanie Newbold said:

“He was quite a small baby for his age. He had no outside injuries or marks and was perfectly normal. He had signs of a common cold, but he was well until he died.”

Our thoughts and prayers go to the grieving family. Rest in peace little Karson.

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