Coronavirus outbreak: EU suspends all foreign travels that are not essential

All foreign travel in the EU has been banned in case it is not essential or for urgent purposes. This is done to prevent further spread the coronavirus in the states of the European Union. The majority of people that are allowed to travel from state to state are mostly medical staff. 

Brussels has also stopped all viable travel and has mostly left ‘green lanes’ to export medical equipment and goods from one place to another. 

The president of the European Commission said that these radical steps are taken to not further spread the pandemic across Europe as much as possible. This is mainly done to prevent huge pressure on medical services. 

The pandemic is inevitable to spread, but the main reason governments are doing this is to prevent it to spread slowly to be able for the healthcare system to save and cure more of the virus. This lowers the number of deaths and also reduces the number of infected quickly. 

This unusual travel law came out just hours before Boris Johnson made public other restrictions, like people working from home and all businesses such as restaurants, bars, and pubs to be closed until further notice.

Even countries outside of the Schengen Area have taken such measurements. Countries like Cyprus, Romania, Bulgaria, Albania, and Croatia. 

The state that has taken the most extreme measurements for the moment is France. France has officially announced its lockdown that will last for approximately 15 days.  It has restricted all social content whatsoever and banned all unnecessary movement of citizens. 

The one reason for people going out of their homes is for medical reasons and the need to buy food. Mr. Macron said that such drastic measurements have never applied to France it is the first time in history. 

The western world has been ‘infected’ by the extremely infectious virus and the only thing to do is to take drastic measurements to prevent innocent deaths and sicken a lot of people. 

I am present and facing the consequences of the pandemic spread also. We all are in away. Depending on where you live some might have it easier to overcome the pandemic, while others living in strict precaution states have it harder. 

For me is quite hard. My state is on lockdown and not only the government has closed the majority of businesses, jobs, and institutions, but they also have restricted citizens from traveling or driving anywhere at all times. There will also be a new law released where people can go outside only in a specific time during the day to buy food and medical supplies. 

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