“They Said I’m Too Ugly.” A Woman Posts Selfies for a Year to Defy Her Bullies and Ends Up Modeling in NY Fashion Week

“When I was a teenager, someone said that I could never be a model because I’m disabled.” Melissa Blake mentioned that these words stayed with her for a long time — until she proved that person and everyone else wrong by becoming a model for New York Fashion Week. Viralhatch is a huge fan of Melissa’s, and we love everything about her and can’t wait to tell you …

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Prince Harry Feels ‘Humiliated’ By Meghan Markle Announcement

Since Meghan Markle got married to Prince Harry she has constantly been in the limelight. Neither of them have been treated with the respect they deserve. Another shocking revelation has come to light which tops them all.  Scroll to to find out why Harry felt so humiliated. Tap on image to view gallery. …

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