Benefits of Cold Showers: 5 Reasons Why Taking Cool Showers Is Good For Your Health

Most of the time there are arguments at my home for who should go in the shower last (I end up being that person more times than I would like to). If you don’t have this problem at your house, then you’ve surely gone in the shower and had someone flush the toilet correctly when you have set the temperature of the water just right. I know, I feel shivers down my spine just as I am writing this… But, what you don’t have in mind is that these moments actually have some benefits for you, and today we’re going to talk about some of the benefits you can enjoy if you take cold showers.

Cold Showers

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1. Cold Showers give you Energy

I know that at first sight, the cold showers actually don’t look that energizing. In fact, they look scary and, well cold. But, once you enter under the cold shower, the sudden change of temperature shocks our bodies and we start breathing deep. This is how our body tries to counteract the cold water running down our bodies and keep us warm. While we’re doing this, we are also breathing deep breaths of oxygen, and this increased oxygen intake increases our heart rate letting our heart pump more blood to our organs and our whole body which in term means you get more energy.

2. It Benefits Hair and Skin

This technique is also great to use for your hair and skin care as well. You will notice your entire beauty routine change once you see the benefits of taking cold showers. Warm water has the tendency of drying our skin while cold water tends to tighten our skin and give it glow. It also prevents the cuticles and pores which in term means that they cannot get clogged. And, that’s not all, cold showers have the ability of “Sealing” our pores in the skin and our scalp so that means that no dirt can get in!

3. They are Great for Weight Loss

There are scientific proofs that show how cold showers might be fantastic for the people that are trying to lose weight. Namely, there are two types of fat inside our bodies, the white fat and brown fat. White body fat is the first type, and it is the body fat that each and every one of us dreads. White body fat is the one that we are all trying hard to lose. It piles up around our skin on our neck, waist, back, thighs, and lower back. Brown body fat, on the other hand, is good fat. This one generates heat to keep us warm. The brown body fat is activated once we enter places with extremely cold temperatures.

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4. Cold Showers Increases Tolerance to Stress

You’ve probably expected this one, but here it is anyways. Getting into a cold shower, or going into the ocean without first accumulating to the water temperature can also make us mentally stronger. It increases our stress tolerance as well as tolerance to many diseases. Namely, a 1994 study has shown that our body decreases the levels of uric acid in it once it is exposed to extremely cold temperatures. This study also saw an increase in glutathione which is an amazing antioxidant that lets other antioxidants function just like they’re supposed to. These studies were conducted on ten healthy swimmers who quickly adapted to the repeated oxidative stress.

5. Cold Showers are Known to Relieve Depression

With all these benefits before you could simply see this one right in front of you! The intense impact of cold receptors in our skin is the main reason why cold showers are great for people that are suffering from depression. The cold receptors on our skin send repetitive electrical impulses from the peripheral nerve endings to our brains. These impulses are the main reason why cold showers have anti-depressive effects, and they seem to boost our mood and energize us. A study conducted back in 2008 showed that cold showers could also have some analgesic effect without any instant and noticeable side effects. The cold showers were at a temperature of 38 degrees Fahrenheit, and they lasted for about 2-3 minutes.

So what do you think? Are the benefits of cold showers worth the flinch you get when you enter them or not? Tell us in the comments down below!