5 Benefits Of A 10-Minute Meditation Practice

Have you ever felt stressed, and simply fatigued by the everyday activities? Well, that’s probably because of the fact that we are tricking our body into thinking that we’re running from something each and every day for the entire day! Namely, the constant pressure that we have by different aspects of our lives can really have a harmful impact on our overall health.

Lucky for you we’ve got the solution that can help you improve all of this! All you need to do is separate 10 minutes of your day and start meditating. This will eliminate the stress and help you get most of the benefits that come with meditation. This is one of the most excellent stress relievers and a tool that will help you improve your overall health with the benefits that come from it! Yes, we are talking about meditation. And today, we’re going to speak about a couple of ways that you could actually benefit from meditation!

Meditation is an excellent stress relieving tool

As we already mentioned in our introduction, meditation is a great tool that could help you reduce your stress levels. You can get the rest and time out that you need by meditating, and it will help you relax mentally, physically, and spiritually. By meditating on a daily basis, you will be able to improve the functioning of your overall nervous system. Doing this you will also reduce the production of the chemicals which is related to stress and is known to increase your stress levels. Meditation is also great for improving the work of your heart, lungs, blood pressure, and it also increases the intensity of Alpha, Theta, and Delta brain waves that can help you relax even more!

Meditation eliminates the pain

You can find tons of studies that show the effect that meditation has on pain and how it can reduce chronic pain. One study that was published by the JBM (Journal of Behavioral Medicine) tested patients that were suffering from chronic back pain, chronic migraine as well as tension headaches. The people that they were conducting the experiment on were able to reduce their pain medications, and in some cases, they even stopped the treatment by simply meditating for a short time of their days.

Meditation To Alleviate Pain
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Meditation can decrease anxiety

Another study that was conducted back in 2009 and published in the Clinical Psychology stated that people that were meditating could reduce anxiety. Another study showed how patients that were suffering from cancer and meditated saw a significant drop in anxiety and depression than the ones that weren’t doing that.

Meditation can decrease anxiety
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Decreases the risks of developing and eliminates cardiovascular diseases

Scientists conducted a study that was published in the Archives of Internal Medicine. In this study, they were researching patients that were suffering from some kind of coronary disease. The studies showed that the people that were meditating for a short period of time managed to regulate their blood pressure significantly as well as regulate their heart rate. Scientists also found out that the people that are practicing meditation on a daily basis for only 6-9 months had decreased their chances of developing a disease from 15 percent back to 11 percent.

Cures insomnia

This study that was conducted in the University of Minnesota shows how patients that were suffering from chronic insomnia and were on a 3-month program for meditation battled insomnia and managed to fall and stay asleep.

So, after all of these benefits from meditation, are you going to hop on the bandwagon and start meditating? Or you are not interested in this, tell us in the comments down below!



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