Babysitter Makes a Decision About Family’s Dying Daughter That Makes Me Want To Cry

If you’ve ever been a babysitter or even taken responsibility for someone else’s children then you will know the burden or responsibility that rests with you when you look after the children that are not your own.

There are many babysitters that take this responsibility and the job very seriously and most certainly go above and beyond what their parents ask for, without a doubt!

Kiersten Miles had been caring for George and Farra Rosko’s three children for some weeks, however, when one of the children’s lives was in jeopardy, kiersten had to make a scary life-changing decision.

The Roskos will be forever thankful for the decision she made!

A 22 year old student from New Jersey, Kiersten Miles, needed to work to support her studies, she contacted the Rosko family through a friend and started working for them straight away.

Kiersten quickly formed a powerful bond with the couple’s three children, most of all their youngest daughter, called Talia.

Some sad news came and the doctor said that Talia needed a new liver, she had a very rare and life threatening liver disease, Kiersten was right there without even a second thought to offer if part of her liver could help.

George and Farra and Rosko were unsure at first and explained to Kiersten how much a of serious thing it was that she was offering. Donating a part of your liver is not at all like giving blood, invasive surgery is involved for one and then there are many risks too.

Kiersten stuck by her decision and applied straight away to be a donor for Talia, when she got the test results, Kiersten was a perfect match for Talia!

Talia’s parents were ecstatic and more that thankful to Kiersten for her selfless act, however, they made sure that they didn’t push Kiersten at all to make the decision, they didn’t want her to regret it later.

Kiersten certainly had no regrets at all, and on the 11th January 2017, she and Talia took the journey to hospital to undertake the 14 hour surgery together.

The doctors administered anesthesia to Kiersten then removed part of her liver, immediately performing a transplant on tiny Talia.

Thankfully, by the grace of the great surgeons the transplant was successful and both Talia and Kiersten recovered quickly.

Talia today is renewed and doing all the things a toddler should be doing, now she can play and run and eat like never before!

Kiersten of course really does deserve a huge big hug, “thank you” for her amazing gesture. Some people really do have a heart of gold!

Kiersten gave and still does, in her storey, give us both hope and inspiration in a cruel cold world!

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