Baby abandoned in a trash bag, found days later by a life-saving woman.

Whenever I come across stories like this one, I get goosebumps and my eyes start to tear up. It all reminds of my clinical death that I suffered when I was only nine months of age. But it’s not only that. I start to tear up because of the evil that men do. The evil that humans do. The indifference level that gets bigger and bigger while more office working people scream: “Well we have our problems. Let them deal with theirs. We don’t care.” But how can one not care to the point of insanity? How can one be so lifeless, that they would put their baby in a trash bag and tie it up to a coffee tree?

Lately, in a place in Vietnam, a baby has been found, inside a trash bag, tied to a coffee tree. According to the doctor’s analysis, the baby had been abandoned for some days and had a head wound, infested by maggots. It is not the first time I hear about this happening. I remember I read an article two years ago, about a four months old baby in Iowa, United States. The baby was left in a swing in his bedroom, for more than a week, where he was found rotted to death and infested by maggots.


But luckily this time, this other baby survived to the cruelty of adults. Tai found the baby and now she is doing all she can so that the baby can survive and have a good life. While the baby’s condition is still unstable, Tai was able to raise a fund of $25000 to help with the medicines and all the other treatments that she needs. She called the baby Hoai An, which in Vietnamese is translated as peace.

Written by Viralstuff

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