The Company That Saves the Earth by Creating Bags!

When the end of the summer holidays comes and everybody that went on holiday on water has their own inflatable stuff there is going to be a lot of broken stuff coming back from holiday. So why not do something useful with the broken inflatables such as bouncy castles, paddling …

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From a backyard pool to international business.

People have some great ideas sometimes that if they can just put them into practice they will get an excellent result over time. Ideas that can make them millionaires. Ideas that can change their whole lives around and make sure they reach the next level of being a part of …

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A father finds a goodbye letter from 16-year-old daughter

As men we have a tendency to have a special connection with our favorite sports teams. My father’s favorite soccer team is an Italian one and whenever the team loses my father is in a horrible mood. Perhaps a lot of people don’t get it but to some of us, …

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