10 Methods for Treating Body Acne

Many people suffer from body acne. Acne affects 9.4% of the world’s population, according to research. It is usual to have them, yet they might cause some people to lose confidence. “Embrace yourself,” I want to say to anyone with acne. ACNE IS JUST A CONDITION, AND YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! …

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Woman who spent life in iron lung dies at 61

MEMPHIS, Tenn. – For almost 60 years, Dianne Odell lived inside a 7-foot-long metal tube, unable to breathe outside of it but determined not to let it destroy her spirit for life. From her 750-pound iron lung, she managed to get a high school diploma, take college courses and write …

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Her brother wants to be her father but his wife says no

Life is unpredictable. The truth is that we never know what awaits us at the corner and what challenges we would face in the future. What we know is that we are oftentimes forced to make decisions, no matter how hard and challenging that is. A man shared a story …

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