Armadillo Lizards Looks Like Real-Life Mini-Dragons

Dragons are a form of mythical creatures that are quite popular among many who love playing games or watching fantasies on the television. Recently, an interesting armadillo lizard was discovered as one of the most unique creatures, also known as a mini-dragon due to its method of curling up into a ball as a method of self-defence. Physically, the curled lizard has a thorny coat which represents the World’s most unique and absurd retile species.

It’s sharp and pointy armor is used to defend itself and protect itself from harsh environments. They usually hide in between rock cracks in South African deserts and live in massive groups. The most special characteristic of these mini dragons are the only reptiles that don’t lay eggs but enjoy a little sunbathing. Yet these little creatures are endangered due to the increase of illegal trafficking, resulting in a threat to their population.

The reason for this is because, even though they are small in size, they are quite slow and therefore easy to catch. They might seem like dangerous creatures but they are found in various colors and sizes from light yellowish-brown to darker brown, in order to camouflage within the desert.

Their life span is over a decade and is four inches in length, once stretched. They normally feed on small insects, including termites and invertebrates, and gives birth to one or two in a year as they do not lay eggs. They aren’t dangerous whereas their only threat is humans.

In fact, they make good pets but, are now used for illegal transportation which is a tragedy. Thus, these unique creatures should be protected in order for their species to blossom.

Ps: Image credit goes to all the rightful photographers. Please contact us for any means necessary.

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