American living in Italy writes about the Coronavirus situation there

The coronavirus is starting to spread all over the world, and thousands of people have been infected. It is only getting worse, and people are finally beginning to understand that this is a dangerous thing. Cristina Higgins, for the past two weeks, has been only going as far as her building’s driveway. She is an American that is living in Italy, where the virus is at large right now. A day for Cristina consists of getting up in the morning having breakfast with her husband and children. Next, the children sit on their computer to do their online homework, and Cristina and her husband are constantly checking the news on TV online for updates on the coronavirus. She also is contacting her friends and family daily to now if they are alright. In the evenings, the family usually plays board games to pass the time.

Even though neither she or her family are sick. She has said that seeing and getting the information that some of her friends are getting sick is terrible news to get. Cristina and her family live in Bergamo, a city that, like any other, has instruction by the government to isolate every person at home. Cristina has said that she is always hearing the news, and the majority of information that is coming in is bad.

Because she is Italy and the coronavirus has spread drastically there, Cristina wrote a post on her social media explaining her situation and what is stored for the future. In her post, she wrote that she is Bergamo, a city in Italy where people are getting sick every day. She said that the US hasn’t fully reported on the situation that is happening in Italy. If people started to act correctly today, the situation that Italy is in wouldn’t happen in the US. She urged people to start changing their behaviour towards the virus and start acting seriously. She has said that people are acting childish, saying that it is just like the common cold or the regular flu and that it only affects old people.

She continues to explain why Italy is in such a bad state right now. Saying that the coronavirus can get pretty bad when people are starting to require an ICU for a couple of weeks and how fast it can spread. She said that the thing that Prime Minister Conte said, which made her feel terrified, was when he said that the people of Italy don’t have much time. This meant that if people didn’t start to isolate themselves, and the virus was let free to infect the majority of the population, Italy would have collapsed.

She added, saying that one doctor has said that they started to decide who gets to live and who doesn’t, just like they did in past wars. There is a limited number of doctors and nurses that work days and nights to make sure patients are getting everything they need. So you could imagine what would happen if they decided that they can’t do their job anymore. In some hospitals, nurses and doctors don’t know where to put the patients because lots have turned up sick.

She ended the post saying to be at home as much as possible, to cancel any gatherings, and if you are feeling sick, go visit the doctor immediately. She said to push for the schools to be closed and the children to take online classes. Take all the precautions and try to stop the spread as much as possible.

Today in Italy, only the pharmacies, grocery stores, and other stores are working full time, and everything else is closed to keep the virus from spreading. From one hospital in Lombardy, it has been reported that other people that are sick are being moved. And their treatment has been delayed because coronavirus patients need the beds.

A doctor in a Milan hospital has said that for now, the people who are coming in already infected, 10 to 15 per cent of them need to be put in the ICU. They are not full at the moment, but if the situation worsens, the ICU can’t receive many more patients.

People online and on the post, the Cristina did, are constantly reminding each other to follow every advice the doctors are saying and to stay calm. Stay at home, and if you desperately need to go outside, make it a quick trip.

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