A kids birthday party turns into a weird situation after the mother makes a selfish decision.

Image going to a birthday party for your friend’s kid and ending up in the most awkward situation you ever been. This is what happened lately when a mother decided to throw a party for her daughter, but by being too selfish, she annoyed every single kid in the room. Usually, you would expect a kids birthday party to be held in the back yard or whatever, but this mother decided to do it in Build-a-Bear. It first seemed like a nice event, but then it would turn out to be a parody, all for the enjoyment of the spoiled, party girl.

Parents would at first help their kids build a bear or another stuffed animal and there were some of them that would even pay money to make the whole thing worth it. But as soon as the kids finished building their animals, the mother of the birthday girl, made an announcement saying that all the animals that were now completed, were to be given to the birthday girl as a gift. When kids heard that, they were baffled, since number one, they thought they were building the animals for themselves, and number two, why would the birthday girl want so many animals after all?

But the craziest events of all is not this. The funny thing is that the mother, did not understand, or better yet, did not want to understand that she did something wrong. Back in the store, the kids were upset and besides that, even the kids who refused to give up their precious, stuffed animals, were forced to do so. This is what happens when an entitled parent thinks only for her self and her own kid and thinks is the mother of the year.

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