A handyman transforms a double-deck bus into three bedrooms home on wheels.

Being creative is something fantastic. I really love it when people get to create something that is so amazing that leaves everyone else in awe. Writing is my creation. The best I can do for the moment is a touching poem that will make your eyes tear up. But how about those people that create heavy things instead of just words? Those people that are able to transform something from night into day and make it economic for everyone else included in the bill. I am talking about a handyman who was able to transform a double-deck bus to a home with not a really big budget.

Adam Collier from Brighton is a man of hard work who lives with his daughter. He is a professional handyman and that is the way that he makes money and provides food. One day as he was coming home from a job he had done, he saw something at a scrap point that gave him a fantastic idea. He saw a double-deck bus that was about to be sent to the destruction centre when Adam interfered and asked to buy it. He had the perfect idea for it.

But when he told his daughter the idea she just laughed and said that she’ll never live in that bus. She didn’t believe that he could make something good out of it. So to not let negativity ruin his idea, he went on to build on the bus without telling anything to anybody. He just came months later and showed the final result to his daughter and his friends. They were astonished. He had built a 3 room house on wheels. Everything was perfect and the total cost was around $19000, which is totally worth it considering he doesn’t need to pay house tax for that.

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